San Francisco Giants Outfield Situation Looks Promising

We’re only half-way through the 2017 Spring Training, but even if things still have to be taken with a grain of salt, the Giants are looking prescient in keeping relatively still on their left field situation this off-season.

The Giants were hoping that Jarrett Parker and Mac Williamson could hold down left field in 2017, either as a platoon, or more likely, by one of two stepping forward in Spring Training and the early season and proving that he can be an every day player, at least in 2017.

So far looks good — after 13 games played, Jarrett Parker is slashing .313/.450/.625; and after 11 games, Mac Williamson is slashing .324/.378/.559.  Sure, 11 or 13 games don’t mean s*&%, but with almost 80 plate appearances between the two of them, it’s better than hitting a buck-85 with no power and no walks.

Mike Morse, to my great surprise, looks like he has a real chance to be the Giants 5th outfielder on Opening Day, particularly with Gorkys Hernandez in a deep, deep slump so far this spring.  I thought the Morse signing was a classic example of wishful thinking, but he’s slashing .304/.407/.609, and could potentially be that right-handed power bat the Giants sorely need off the bench.

With half of Spring Training still to come, there is plenty of time for Parker, Williamson and Morse to get cold.  It’s a good sign that Parker and Williamson in particular are off to fast starts, since they both know what is at stake, are feeling the pressure, and are nevertheless doing what they need to do to prove they’re ready.  Let’s hope they keep it up.

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One Comment on “San Francisco Giants Outfield Situation Looks Promising”

  1. Burly Says:

    Things can change fast in the spring. Mac Williamson (quad) and Michael Morse (hamstring) were both reported hurt today and are expected to miss the start of the season. Suddenly, the Giants are short at least one outfielder.

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