Hit This Sign Win 100 Million Yen

Chubu Nippon Broadcasting Company (CBC TV) has promised 100 million yen if any player hits their sign in the Nagoya Dome (home of the Chunichi Dragons).  Here are some images that give you an idea of the home run that needs to be struck to win the prize.  It will take a hell of a home run to hit the sign, but it looks doable with a lot of luck.

The 100 million yen ($900,000 at today’s rates) prize is split evenly between the player who hits the mammoth and well placed shot, and fifty viewers, who will each get 1M yen each ($9,000).  That somehow sounds very Japanese to me.

A $450,000 prize is more than 10% of what almost all of NPB’s sluggers make in a full season, so the incentive is certainly there, much as it was for all the MLB home run heroes of 1959 who appeared on the one and only season of Home Run Derby, back in the days when MLB salaries were still relatively low.


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