Gints Stink

I’m really starting to think the 2017 San Francisco Giants are just a good old fashioned lousy team. Yeah, yeah, there is still theoretically plenty of time for the Giants to turn things around, but losing back to back games by at least 10 runs is something lousy teams do.  And they were only 11-18 before the last two games.

The Giants have now allowed more runs than any team in MLB and scored more runs only than the K.C. Royals.  Given how early it is in the season, I put more stock in the back to back blow-outs in Cincinnati.

Great teams win a lot of blow-outs, and bad teams lose a lot of blow-outs.  The Giants during the recent run have more than their share of close game wins due to a strong bullpen and good defense.  This year, the bullpen looks pretty poor, and the defense isn’t keeping games close.

Right now, the Giants don’t even have much in the way of veteran talent to trade, in the extremely likely event they are sellers at this year’s trade deadline.  Buster Posey is a franchise player, so it’s hard to imagine the Giants trading him.  Johnny Cueto has a contract, with an opt out this off-season, which dramatically reduces his trade value.

Brandon Belt is playing reasonably well, and his contract is relatively team friendly, so it’s definitely a possibility he could be traded.  However, Belt’s power has been largely swallowed up by AT&T Park, so it may be hard to get his true value on the trade market.

The Giants also don’t have any obvious replacement for Belt, with former 1st round draft pick Chris Shaw looking like he won’t be ready until some time in 2018.  Shaw is presently slashing .306/.422/.529 after 25 games at AA Richmond.

If Shaw keeps hitting, I would expect him to be promoted to AAA Sacramento after another 15 games in AA ball if he keeps hitting the way he has so far.  Then, if he hits quickly at AAA, the odds go up dramatically that the Giants trade Belt in late July for prospects.

We shall see.

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