Should the San Francisco Giants Demote Christian Arroyo Back to AAA?

Christian Arroyo went 0-fer at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field today.  He’s now batting .191 with a .546 OPS.

The odds are overwhelming that the Giants won’t be a .500 team this year, let alone a play-off contender, so there is little reason not to let Arroyo work through his difficulties at the major league level.  At the same time, however, if a player isn’t ready, you can damage his confidence with night after night of failure.  And failure, like success, tends to be re-enforcing.

That said, it is not quite yet time to send Arroyo down.  If his batting average falls below .170 and his OPS below .500, yes, send him down.  Until then, be patient.

I have opined previously that Arroyo’s pitch selection at the plate needs work, and that might be a skill better learned at AAA, where the pressure and talent level is lower.  Nothing about his 120+ major league plate appearances so far has convinced me otherwise.

Give Arroyo some leash, but pull it tight when it becomes clear he is not yet ready for the Show.  Whatever will best prepare Arroyo to be a major league star after this season is what is in the Giants’ best interests.

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2 Comments on “Should the San Francisco Giants Demote Christian Arroyo Back to AAA?”

  1. Burly Says:

    The Giants sent Arroyo back to AAA today. He was batting .192 with a .548 OPS in 125 at bats. A tough decision on whether or not to send him down. The Giants aren’t going anywhere this season, so why not try to let him work out his problems at the major league level? Still, let him take what he’s learned up here and see if it makes his AAA game better. At any rate, he still needs to work on his pitch selection as a 4/1 K/BB ratio shows.

  2. Burly Says:

    The Giants’ 2017 just keeps getting uglier: back at AAA, Christian Arroyo was again hit by a pitch on the hand, this time breaking the hand. He will miss at least two months and may not play again this season. It would be wise to send Arroyo to the Arizona Fall League solely to get him plate appearances he’ll need for 2018.

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