San Francisco Giants’ 2017 Draft Picks Rounds 2-10

Here’s a quick rundown of the Giants’ Day 2 draft selections:

2nd Round (58th Overall)Jacob Gonzalez, 3B, age 19.  Gonzalez is a high school 3Bman, who is the son of former MLB star Luis Gonzalez.  He has power potential and has committed to Texas Christian Univ.

3rd Round (96) Seth Corry, LHP, 18.  A high school lefty from Utah, he had a 1.90 ERA and 97 Ks in 52 innings pitched as a senior.  He’s committed to BYU.

4th Round (126)Garrett Cave, RHP, 20.  A junior out of the University of Tampa, Cave has a live arm but command issues.

5th Round (156)Jason Bahr, RHP, 22.  Another college pitcher from Florida, Bahr appears to have missed 2016 with some kind of injury, but he was very good in 2017, posting a pitching line of 60.2 IP, 42 hits, seven HRs and 15 BBs and 98 Ks.  I assume he wasn’t drafted higher because of his age and possible past injury.

6th Round (186)Bryce Johnson, CF, 21.  Johnson slashed .350/.453/.433 and stole 33 bases in 40 attempts as a college junior.  He’s shown steady improvement in the three years of his college career.  He hit only three home runs in his college career, so his feet and glove are probably the keys to any professional success.

7th Round (216)Logan Haresta, RHP, 20.  As the University of Buffalo’s closer this year, Haresta had a 3.63 ERA and struck out 50 batters, but walked 26, in 34.2 IP.  He looks like a project.

8th Round (246). John Gavin LHP, 21.  A pitcher originally from the South Bay, Gavin had a very successful career at Cal State Fullerton, but probably doesn’t have major league stuff (216 Ks in 273 college innings pitched), unless he can match his low college home run rates in his professional career.

9th Round (276)Aaron Phillips, RHP, 20.  Phillips was a two-way player in college, but didn’t hit enough to be drafted.  He had a 3.04 ERA as a junior with 90 Ks in 100.2 IP.

10th Round (306)Rob Calabrese, C, 21.  As a junior for the University of Illinois at Chicago, Calabrese slashed .353/.425/.583 in 56 games, after not playing much his freshman or sophomore seasons.  Seems like a reasonable pick for this late in the Draft.


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2 Comments on “San Francisco Giants’ 2017 Draft Picks Rounds 2-10”

  1. Burly Says:

    The Giants successfully signed their second and third round picks, Jacob Gonzalez and Seth Corry. Gonzalez got a below slot $950,000 (at roughly $170,000 savings) and Corry for a well above slot $1 million (about $440,000) above slot. The Giants also signed their 5th and 7th round picks, Jason Bahr and Logan Haresta, for less than slot, freeing up money for Corry.

    It’s nice to see the Giants taking advantage of the flexibility the slot system provides to get the three high school players they wanted in the first three rounds signed. No guarantees, but at least the 2017 Draft was successful of the Giants in that regard.

    • Burly Says:

      And right now the Giants look like a lock on one of the top five draft picks in the 2018 Draft. You have to find those silver linings where you can.

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