Milwaukee Brewers Make Nice Little Move Claiming Stephen Vogt

The Brewers were the only team to put a waiver claim in on Stephen Vogt, so it looks like they will get their man.  Vogt has about $1.5 million more coming to him on his $2.95 million 2017 contract, so it’s a very affordable half season rental for the first place Brewers, with what amounts to two salary arbitration options for 2018 and 2019.

Vogt may very well start hitting again playing his home games in Milwaukee in the heat of the summer, rather than in Oakland.

I love seeing small market teams doing more with less.  I strongly suspect that a lot of teams don’t scan the waiver wire carefully or regularly unless they are actively looking for an upgrade somewhere.  In Vogt’s case, the A’s decision to designate him for assignment was national news because Vogt made the All-Star team the last two seasons and had a very affordable contract.

If no one had claimed Vogt on waivers, Vogt would almost certainly have exercised his right to free agency.  Then, any team could have signed him for the pro-rated major league minimum.  Essentially, the Brewers committed $1.25 million by claiming Vogt in order to guarantee that they’d be the team to get him after he left the A’s.

By claiming Vogt and sending Jet Bandy back to AAA, the Brewers get a true platoon at catcher, and since Bandy still had an option left, the Brewers lose nothing by taking a chance on Vogt except the $1.5 million remaining on Vogt’s contract.  That sure seems like a small price for a player who could be a valuable piece as the Brewers try to make their first post-season since 2011.  Well done, Milwaukee!

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5 Comments on “Milwaukee Brewers Make Nice Little Move Claiming Stephen Vogt”

  1. Burly Says:

    Vogt hit two home runs in his third game as a Brewer, making himself, at least for tonight, the most popular man in Milwaukee.

  2. barlownotes Says:

    I agree, well done Milwaukee. Not a Brewers fan, but I’m a Vogt fan. Will be tuning in as the season goes on to see how things play out!

    • Burly Says:

      Vogt hit his fourth home run as a Brewer tonight to help beat the NY Yankees.

      • Mike Barlow Says:

        Saw that! This makes me really happy. I’ve been a Vogt fan since he played AAA in Sacramento. This change may be just what he needed to get his momentum back.

      • Burly Says:

        Ball carries a lot better in Miller Park in the middle of summer than it does at the Oakland Coliseum.

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