San Francisco Giants Continue to Raid the Independent-A Leagues for Talent

About three weeks ago I wrote a post about how the Giants had signed a couple of players out of the Atlantic League.  The team has added two more from the Indy-A leagues since then.

Jerry Sands played pretty well at AA Richmond after the Giants signed him, but he got hurt after 20 games and hasn’t played since June 25th.  The Giants then signed K.C. Hobson out of the Atlantic League and apparently gave him Sands’ job.

Hobson (26) is three years younger than Sands (29), so there’s that.  Hobson had caught my attention as someone still young enough to have a future, and he’s hit three home runs in his first nine games with the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

A couple of days ago, the Giants signed Seth Rosin out of the American Associations, where he had been dominating in a relief role for the St. Paul Saints.  Hard core Giants fans might remember Rosin as the team’s  4th round draft pick in 2010.

Rosin was part of the deal that sent him, Tommy Joseph and Nate Schierholtz to the Phillies for Hunter Pence at the trade deadline in 2012.  The Giants got the better end of that deal, although Tommy Joseph is a good young hitter whom the Phillies will probably turn into prospects at this year’s trade deadline in order to promote Rhys Hoskins, an even better looking young hitter.

Rosin got the briefest of cups of coffee with the Rangers in 2014 and the Phillies in 2015 (he’s bounced around plenty) before a bad start and possibly an injury in 2016 left him pitching in the Indy-A Leagues this year.

Again, the fact that the Giants are signing players out of the Indy-A leagues is a sign that the team’s minor league system is short on talent.

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2 Comments on “San Francisco Giants Continue to Raid the Independent-A Leagues for Talent”

  1. Burly Says:

    K.C. Hobson has four HRs and eight RBIs in his first 10 games as a Flying Squirrel.

  2. Burly Says:

    The Giants have signed three additional Atlantic League players this year: former Giants farm hand Cody Hall, Nate Reed and Caleb Gindl. Cody Hall has been terrific, with a 2.20 ERA and 21 Ks in 16.1IP at AA Richmond. He probably deserves a promotion to AAA.

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