Maybe Chris Shaw Is the Trade Chip

The Giants need to be sellers this trade deadline, but they don’t have a lot to sell.  One player who could get them real value in return is 1Bman Brandon Belt, particularly because the organization has 23 year old Chris Shaw knocking at the door.

From everything I’ve read, though, Giants management sees Belt as part of the core of the team around which they wish to “reload” rather than “rebuild.”  Maybe the answer is including Chris Shaw in a deadline trade, rather than Belt.

Shaw, a former late 1st round draft pick, is currently batting .302 with an .871 OPS after 47 games at AAA Sacramento.  He’s very close to being ready, at least with the bat.

However, left-handed hitting 1Bman playing their home games at AT&T Park have to be able to play defense, because the ballpark robs them of much of their power.  Brandon Belt can pick it.  Chris Shaw’s raw minor league numbers suggest that he would be a major league liability on defense, whether at 1B or LF, where he has played exclusively at the latter since his promotion to AAA.

The Giants have a lot of starters (Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija and Matt Moore) who might draw some interest, but who probably wouldn’t command much in return based on their 2017 performances and/or contract situations.  Perhaps packaged with Shaw, who is a legitimate A-level prospect to an American League team who could use him as a 1B/DH, the Giants could trade one of their pitchers and get real value in return.

If the Giants plan to keep Belt, then trading away youngster Shaw, as part of a package that brings the Gints more young talent, would make a lot of sense.

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