Has the Dam Broken?

The Milwaukee Brewers are reported to have signed Lorenzo Cain for five years at a total of $80 million.  It’s far and away the biggest signing of the post-season so far and leads one to wonder if the ducks will all start falling in a row now.  If nothing else, it proves at least one team was willing to provide a fifth season for a free agent entering his age 32 season.

The Brewers also traded four prospects for Christian Yelich today, as the Marlins continue their fire sale, which made the later announced signing of Cain quite a surprise because the Brewers now have four outfield starters.  My guess is that they trade away Domingo Santana and his four remaining years of control for a front line starting pitcher with at least two years of control left.

Domingo Santana is born to play left field, but the Brewers already have Ryan Braun and his contract no one wants there.  The Brewers’ pitching would improve significantly just by replacing Santana in right field with Yelich and Keon Broxton in center field with Cain.

Now that the Brewers have spent big money on Cain, it’s much harder to see them spending the money on any of the top four remaining starters, so another trade for pitching seems highly indicated.  If nothing else, it’s good to see the Brewers making an effort to compete for the post-season.

The rumors of offers are flying thick around Yu Darvish, and if he signs by the end of January, I think the remaining starters will sign quickly.  The rumors are building around Eric Hosmer too, although news about interest in Mike Moustakas has been muted.  Still, someone is going to sign a 3Bman coming off a 38 home run season.

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