San Diego Padres Acquire Francisco Mejia for Relievers Brad Hand and Adam Cimber

Francisco Mejia is regarded as one of the best prospects in baseball.  I don’t think he’s a sure thing, and the Indians really needed relief pitching, so I don’t think it’s a bad move at all for the Tribe.  The Padres paid high in the hopes of achieving Francisco Mejia’s upside.

Mejia probably hits enough already in his age 22 season to be given a shot as a major league starting catcher for the Padres.  However, I’m not sure his defense is ready.  He’s only thrown out 29% of the 190 minor leaguers who have tried to steal against him.

Mejia doesn’t walk much, either, which may inhibit his development as a hitter.  If he’s a major league average defensive catcher, he should be enough of hitter to be a valuable player.  So the question, I guess, is whether his defense is good enough? says: “Mejia has the rare top-of-the-scale 80 arm but is a below-average receiver currently, despite his above-average athleticism for the position.”  So, he isn’t a good catcher yet, but he has the tools to be a good catcher in the future.  We’ll see.

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