Mac Williamson Elects Free Agency

Mac Williamson‘s time as a San Francisco Giant is likely over, as he has elected free agency instead of accepting an assignment to AAA Sacramento.  Maybe a fresh start in a new organization is just what Big Mac needs.

However, as I say with a lot of players of Williamson’s talent level (too good for AAA, not good enough for the Show), if an Asian major league team from Japan or South Korea makes him an offer, Mac should jump on it with both feet.

It seems clear to me that Williamson is never going to be able to lay off major league breaking balls down and away, but he’s got the power Asian teams love, and he might be able to hit well enough in NPB or the KBO to take advantage of his power.

Williamson turns 29 on July 15th, so he’s still young enough to sign with another major league organization now, and if it doesn’t result in a reasonably good chance of starting 2020 with an MLB major league team, signing with an Asian team next off-season.

For what it’s worth, the 2019 Giants seem to be a team made up of outfielders at the major league and AAA levels who should seriously consider giving Asian baseball a shot in the not too distant future.  Mike Yastrzemski is holding his own after six major league games, but 28 year old rookies don’t typically go on to major league success.  Mike Gerber and Austin Slater are killing it at AAA Sacramento this season, both have major league experience, and neither is getting any younger, as both will turn 27 before the end of the 2019 calendar year.

One would have to think the odds are indeed good that at least one of these four outfielders will be playing in Asia at some time in the next twelve months.

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3 Comments on “Mac Williamson Elects Free Agency”

  1. Bill Vogel Says:

    Many fans of the Flying Squirrels (S.F. Giants AA club in Richmond, VA) felt Mac Williamson had great promise for the majors. We hope that he gets picked up to continue his career. Curious? Do you have metrics in mind when a player is too good for AAA but not quite good enough for the Show?

    • Burly Says:

      If a hitter is posting OPS numbers significantly above .900 at the AAA level, they should in theory be good enough to play in the major leagues. But, of course, some players like Williamson can’t cut the mustard in the opportunities they get. It isn’t necessarily accurate to describe these players as too good for AAA, but they may be good enough to earn significantly more money playing in Asia than the money they make playing in AAA. Plus, after age 30 or 31, MLB organizations generally won’t keep 4-A players around at AAA, since they are not seen as having a realistic chance of helping the major league club in the future.

      • Burly Says:

        Bill — you should get to see Heliot Ramos in Richmond playing for the Flying Squirrels no later than the July 4th weekend. He’s back from his knee injury and tearing it up at A+ San Jose. Should be a treat.

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